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I am a certfied fitness professional. I train people to reach their fitness goals, create a new lifestyle, and empower their mindset in ways never imagined. Enter your best email below and I'll instantly share with you my top 5 tweaks to optimize your workout routine.

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Your schedule is busy and finding time to drive to and from a gym or fitness center is difficult. Not to mention; trying to figure what do once you’re at the gym and wondering if you’re performing exercises in the correct fashion can be even MORE difficult and very frustrating.

My NEW and RELOADED online workout program is rapidly becoming the most efficient and comfortable way to get and STAY in shape. Workouts are available online so you can access them from any device!

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Your typical gym workout isn't continually giving you progress?

You have a busy life and need some structure in your gym routine?

You are tired of guessing what works?

You are confused as to what is healthy and what is not

You tried various fitness classes but you're looking for a more personalized group workout program?

You want to workout and get pushed while being around like minded people?

You get intimidated while working out at the gym?

You get bored with your workouts?

You lose motivation easily

You finally want to feel good about yourself?

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Training TWEAKS

A TWEAK is defined as: to make a minor adjustment. Minor adjustments can LEAD to a MAJOR outcome and great RESULTS. Either way you look at the DEFINITION; its SET UP for you to make improvements. It’s common for people to make tweaks to their car or patio or mobile device or their daily schedules.

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Roland's program is unique because I don't get bored doing the same exercise routine every day and I've met great workout partners. Before joining the program, I continuously slept late and considered myself not a morning person. Now I truly enjoy starting my day early, getting to work on time, and boosting my energy. Developing this new habit has significantly increased my performance at work and in general. I joined this program as part of my journey to living a healthier, active lifestyle but what I've gained is so much more. Like dropping 4.5 inches off my waist! 😱 Roland is an excellent trainer he keeps your head in the game!


I started with Roland Burks Fitness in February of 2016. I had put on a lot of weight due to having 4 back surgeries in a 2 year span. I was afraid that any kind of exercise could potentially re-injure my back but Roland took the time to explain his program and how it was tailored to fit the needs of anyone regardless of past injuries and fitness level. I was often out of breath just walking and wasn’t able to keep up with my daughter. Training with Roland I have lost over 90 lbs, increased muscle mass and have regained control of my life. He takes the time to go over healthy food options and is constantly pushing you out of your comfort zone to become not only physically stronger but mentally as well. If you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle I would highly recommend his program.


I have only been training with Roland for a short time (less than 3 weeks) and my only thought is why haven’t I started this sooner. He truly cares about his clients and wants us to be our best self in every aspect in life. He gives us daily motivations to tackle life straight on. His workouts are never the same, something new everyday. Also his functional training style workouts will benefit us for the rest of our lives. No one is competing against one another and everyone is so encouraging. If you want a change your life for the better.....train with Roland!


Before I started working with Roland Burks I ran cross country and track for the University of Alabama for 2 years and when I stopped I was nervous that I would never have the same motivation and drive to keep in shape. Since I’ve been working with Roland I not only feel I’ve kept in shape but I have seen improvement in areas that I had always wanted to change! This program made it easy for me to transition from division one college sports to a lifestyle of fitness I can maintain for years to come!

Caroline Cumbest

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