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About Me

Roland Burks is a leading expert in the field of fitness. An All-American sprinter while at the University of Alabama coached by Olympic medalist Harvey Glance, Burks is equipped with more than 11 years in fitness industry. He is known for his creativity and ability to generate new and exciting workout programs tailored for every individual.

The fitness programs are enhanced and proven to burn stubborn fat and build lean muscle tissue in the most safe, smart, and effective ways possible.

Roland prides himself on motivating people from all walks of life who want to go through a total transformation of being healthy and creating the best physique possible. Additionally he has worked with a number of elite professional, collegiate, and high school athletes reach their FULL potential in their perspective playing eld.

His advice and expertise have been featured on ABC's 33/40 “Talk of Alabama", WVUA News, and ESPN First Take.

Through his programs, he has helped countless people connect with their soul, transform their bodies, empower their mindset, and get back to loving who they are. His clients have become more confident, more optimistic, healthier and stronger in all aspects of their life.

Beliefs: Eat Real Food. Do Real Workouts. Get Real Results. You have to leave every training session feeling like you got a little closer to your goals. When you bring an unstoppable mindset to the workout; it is nothing that should stop you. Before you do anything “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change”